• Razor sharp paint lines
• Blocks paint bleeding
• Ultra-thin rice paper technology
• Recommended for interiors
• Great when using lacquers
• 60-day UV resistance, removal
• Medium tack

Blue Dolphin Washi Tape is a super-premium Rice Paper tape that performs phenomenally on interior surfaces. The ultra-thin backing blocks paint bleeding and creates razor sharp paint lines for crisp, professional edging like no other painter’s tape.

ROLLS Multi Surface
Product CodeSizeDescriptionUPC CodeCase/ Pack
TP WASHI SP20100WASHI TAPE .94" X 60 (15 YARDS) (24MM X 55M)74385401368936
TP WASHI SP20150WASHI TAPE 1.41" X 60 (15 YARDS) (35MM X 55M)74385401369624
TP WASHI SP20200WASHI TAPE 1.88" X 60 (15 YARDS) (48MM X 55M)74385401370224
TP WASHI SP2 3PK01503-PACK 1.5" WASHI TAPE 1.41" X 60 (15 YARDS) (36MM X 55M)7438540144268