Washi Tape

Blue Dolphin Washi Tape is a super-premium Rice Paper tape that performs phenomenally on interior surfaces. The ultra-thin backing blocks paint bleeding and creates razor-sharp paint lines for crisp, professional edging like no other painter’s tape.


  • Razor sharp paint lines
  • Blocks paint bleeding
  • Ultra-thin rice paper technology
  • Recommended for interiors
  • 60-day clean removal
  • Medium tack

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Product Details

Product CodeSizeDescriptionUPC CodeCase/ Pack
TP WASHI SP20100WASHI TAPE .94" X 54.6 YARDS (24MM X 50M)74385401368936
TP WASHI SP20150WASHI TAPE 1.41" X 54.6 YARDS (36MM X 50M)74385401369624
TP WASHI SP20200WASHI TAPE 1.88" X 54.6 YARDS (48MM X 50M)74385401370224
TP WASHI SP2 3PK01503-PACK 1.5" WASHI TAPE 1.41" X 54.6 YARDS (36MM X 50M)7438540144268
Product CodeSizeDescriptionUPC CodeCase/ Pack
TP WASHI SP30100WASHI TAPE .91" X 50 YARDS (23MM X 45.72M)74385401659836
TP WASHI SP30150WASHI TAPE 1.38" X 50 YARDS (35MM X 45.72M)74385401660424
TP WASHI SP30200WASHI TAPE 1.86" X 50 YARDS (47MM X 45.72M)74385401661124

Washi Tape is Best For…

  • Providing razor sharp paint lines
  • Walls, Trim, Wood Floors, Cabinets & Boats
  • Multi-surface

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Washi tape is really superior to all other painter’s masking tape I’ve ever used; it’s flat and helps me get really crisp lines with little to no ridges on my artwork. I’ve gone through enough rolls to know it outperforms the others by miles.

Karen Lyme, NH

The Blue Dolphin 2.36 inches wide x 90 feet long Blue Dolphin Polyhanging & Seaming Tape. It tears like paper but is very strong. This tape is white but also printed with the name repeated the entire length of the tape so it’s not solid white. It sticks very well to plastic sheeting so if you hang sheeting over a door before doing a job, such as drywalling, it does a very good job and adheres to painted walls without damaging the paint when removing it.

John T, Olean, NY

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