• Solvent-free formula
• High tack and adhesion
• Great for painting & labeling
• Super-smooth paper
• Available in two 6 pack sizes
• 7-day clean removal

Blue Dolphin General Purpose Masking Tape features super-smooth paper and high tack. Strong adhesives make this tape useful for labeling, bundling and quick painting projects.

ROLLS General Purpose
Product CodeSizeDescriptionUPC CodeCase/ Pack
TP MASK GRN0075.70" 60 YARDS (18MM X 54.8M)74385401567664
TP MASK GRN0100.94" X 60 YARDS (24MM X 54.8MM)74385401568336
TP MASK GRN01501.41" X 60 YARDS) (35MM X 54.8MM)74385401569032
TP MASK GRN02001.88" X 60 YARDS (48MM X 54.8M)74385401570624
TP MASK GRN03002.83" X 60 YARDS (72MM X 54.8M)74385401571316
TP MASK GRN 6PK01501.41" X 60 YARDS) (35MM X 54.8MM)7438540148154
TP MASK GRN 6PK02001.88" X 60 YARDS (48MM X 54.8M)7438540148224